April 8-9, 2016


George Leontiev

Backend Developer at SoundCloud Inc., Germany

Author of singleton type scala extension,  typelevel contributor.

Typelevel Scala


Kfir Bloch

Head of Backend Engineering at Wix.com, Israel

Kfir has 17 years experience in software development and architecture. Kfir has not lost his passion for hands on development with Scala and TDD and he was part of the team that moved Wix towards Microservices and Scala

The Art of Decomposing Monoliths & Healthy Diet of Scala


Slava Schmidt

Scala Consultant, Germany

Developer with a programming experience over two decades, Chief Architect and Security Expert of several products. Currently working as a Scala coach helping new formed Scala teams to get on track easily and quickly. Developer of the open source Play-Swagger plugin.

API First: Play + Swagger


Otto Chrons

CTO and Founder at Microtask, Finland

Author of diode scala.js framework, contributor to the scala.js project

Fronted development with Scala.js


Kirill Kozlov

Scala developer at Megogo.net, Ukraine

FP evangelist. Co-founder of an educational start-up https://quizful.com

Monads from zero


Jon Pretty

CEO at Prospensive Ltd, author of rapture.io, United Kingdom

Jon has been having fun riding the bleeding edge of Scala for over a decade, and he’s not finished yet! While he’s not travelling the world attending Scala conferences, or organizing his own (Scala World), Jon spends his time working on the open-source Rapture libraries and consulting with Propensive Ltd.

Rapture: A Stack for Scala built on Typesafety


Dmitry Petrashko

PhD student at EPFL, in the LAMP laboratory (the creators of the Scala programming language), Switzerland

Programming languages and algorithms researcher and a doctoral assistant at EPFL Labs.  One of the top authors of Dotty compiler, which will be the ground to the next version of the Scala language.

Scala & Dotty current status
Autospecialization in Dotty


Tomer Gabel

System Architect at Wix.com, Israel

Software architect and team lead with diverse technical and business background, with particular emphasis on large-scale, distributed systems; collaborated on or led projects including search engines, compilers, software 3D engines and large-scale web crawling and data analysis.

A field guide to DSL Design
Accord: A sane validation library for Scala
Java 8 and Beyond, a Scala Story


Oleksandr Nitavsky

Software Engineer at Criteo, France

Software developer with JVM background. Has experience with different software engineering domains, such as driver development and high load web applications. Currently is focusing on the Big Data technologies, that helps to develop Machine Learning algorithm.

Machine learning in scale using Scala


Alexander Nemish

Scala Consultant at Evolution Gaming Inc., Latvia

Previously, a technical lead of Deutsche Bank trading platform written in Scala. Author of JScala macro. Scala coach.

JScala + Play = Typesafe JavaScript Development

Ruslan Shevchenko

Ruslan Shevchenko

Scala Consultant, Ukraine

Worked as reseacher in Institue of Software Systems, then was founder of Internet Provider [NBI], founder of software development firm [GradSoft], than works in various projects in telecom and advertising industry. Founder of .UA scala user group, has over 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals, active columnist for the Ukrainian developers community portal.

Scala core fundamentals
Why Scala is not my ideal language and what I do with this


Andrii Lashchenko

Independent Consultant at PulsePoint, Ukraine

Software Engineer with experience in design and development of scalable and distributed systems with Akka. Has experience of software development with Scala/Akka in such domains as programmatic advertising and investment banking.

Message-based communication patterns in distributed Akka applications


Bartosz Bąbol

Software Developer at JAVEO, Poland

Passionate software developer, started to work as Ruby developer but then fell in love with Scala and functional programming. He likes to share his experience. This is why he started a tech blog and gave talks at the Scala45s and Codepot workshop conferences. In Javeo he’s also responsible for ‘Javeotalks’- internal tech presentations every Thursday.

Scala macros – Swiss Army knife for building libraries


Dmytro Mantula

Scala Developer at Vast.com, Ukraine

Software developer for 10+ years. Moved from Java to Scala and now don’t remember what “NPE”, “return” and “debugger” are.
Coordinator of JEEConf and “UADevClub”. Speaker at JEEConf, Java Day and other events.

Fast path techniques for learning Scala


Mike Kotsur

R&D Scala Developer at Elsevier, Netherlands

Full stack developer, currently helping to make a technological revolution in the world of scientific research!
Creator of Restito library (https://github.com/mkotsur/restito), contributor to AngularJS and Akka.

A gentle introduction into Akka and the Actor model


Denys Shabalin

Research assistant at LAMP/EPFL, Switzerland

Previously worked on off-heap memory, quasiquotes and macros for Scala. Interested in development of optimising compilers for modern high-level garbage-collected languages.

Pauseless Scala with scala-offheap


Boris Trofimoff

Software Architect at Sigma Software, Ukraine

Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in software development and IT. The last four years were focused on architecture reviews, project estimation, development process, customer communication, team leading and trainings.
Co-founder of Odessa Java User Group (https://odjug.blogspot.com)

Audience counting at scale


Dmitry Spodarets

Founder & CEO at FlyElephant, Ukraine

Founder of FlyElephant and educational project GeeksLab. Expert in high performance computing and data analysis.
Lecturer and researcher in Odessa National Polytechnic University.

Introduction to Machine Learning on Scala


Anatolii Kmetiuk

Programming Languages Researcher, Ukraine

A student and an independent programming languages researcher focusing on Scala.
A contributor to the SubScript extension for parallelism in Scala.

SubScript: A Process Algebra extension progress and perspectives


Daniel Coldham

Software Engineer at Wix.com, Israel

An eCommerce Server Developer, Event Sourcing enthusiast.

Event Sourcing


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