«Practical Introduction to Basic Cats Typeclasses», Anatolii Kmetiuk

Purely functional programming is a powerful style that allows to reduce mental load on the programmer and make the code more modular and less interdependent. To facilitate programming in functional style, libraries like Cats were created. In this talk, we will discuss the motivation for and usage of the basic type classes of Cats library. Watch Speakers speeches at ScalaUA2017

«Akka: Actors Design And Communication Techniques», Alexey Zvolinskiy

Akka is a powerful toolkit with numerous modules. However everything in Akka starts from understanding of Actors model. In this talk I want to discuss some practical techniques for Actors design, messaging patterns and organization of Actors hierarchy. This topic should be interesting for beginners and more or less experienced Akka fans 🙂 Watch Speakers speeches at ScalaUA2018