Converting ScalaUA-2020 Conference to remote format because of Coronavirus COVID-19

Due to the limitation of public gathering during quarantine, declared because spreading of coronavirus,  ScalaUA conference is going online-only.

Online and offline information perception is different:  mechanically moving intensive two-days agenda without changes to online, will make full participation hard: it is impossible to follow more than two/three online sessions per day. From the other side, the online format can give us new possibilities for more meaningful and thoughtful discussions.

We transform two conference days into the two-week marathon.

For each theme we will:

  • Allocate a slack channel for text discussions and ask each speaker to publish their introduction materials aforehand.
  • Ask to allocate two time-slots for each talk, one is for the talk itself, another – for QA session.
  • After delivery, the talk will be published on the channel and we will ask all to participate in a structured discussion in preparation for the QA session.

Please, give us some time, for creating a new schedule, with the same speakers and themes, as in the original agenda. 

Please, stay tuned.