Call for Speakers

March 29-30, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

ScalaUA 2019

Dear Scala Enthusiasts,

ScalaUA, the biggest Scala conference in Ukraine, warmly invites you to join our Speaker Team! As participants may remember, ScalaUA was a great success in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Our annual event lasts 2 days in 2 streams, having over 25 sessions and featured 25 speakers from different countries, who presented to about 220 conference attendees. The event is community driven. We are having three groups of talks:

  • advanced, focused on discuss of new ideas and highly experimental techniques
  • industrial, focused on the adoption of frameworks, tools, and techniques to production, experience reports, etc.
  • educational, with a clear introduction to the theme, which can be interesting for relative novices in Scala world Format implies free ideas exchange and discussions after the talks

Topics of interest

Submissions can include a broad range of topics, interesting for Scala developers, from compilers and pure functional modeling to experience reports or industrial applications in big data processing or machine learning fields. We expect talks focused mainly on technical content. With about 2,000 Scala Developers in Ukraine, we are truly excited to invite you to contribute your talk to ScalaUA 2019. 

Guide for Speakers

Currently we are having several places for new speakers in our schedule available. Primary conference working language is English. Speeches will be recorded on the video and shared shortly after the event on its YouTube channel. For foreigners — no visa needed from US/EU.

Deadline to submit talks is January 20. To submit it fill in the Speakers Registration Form available by the link on

Note: Please keep updated your social media profiles and public code repositories to provide the conference participants with additional information about your professional experience. Receiving our notification of acceptance (by February 1), send us your speech abstract (60-80 words),  brief info about yourself (20-30 words) and your portrait photo (minimum resolution of 300 dpi) by February 10 by email to — this will be incorporated into delegates’ information packs. The further details will be provided in the notification of acceptance.

Important dates

Deadline to provide with your speech abstract, brief info about yourself, portrait photo is January 20.

Deadline to provide with corrections in it is February 1.

Conference Agenda will be available on February 10.

Deadline to provide with your arrival details, to request booking of the hotel room, to get the transfer from the airport is March 10.

Deadline to provide with your presentation is March 25.

Please let us know if you are interested in Kiev Historical Tour by March 29.

We engage all participants to follow the ScalaUA Code of Conduct.

In case your Management is interested in ScalaUA conference partnership, feel free to provide them with Partnership Proposal at here

We look forward to seeing you at ScalaUA 2019! And feel free to share this information with others. 😉

Contacts of Organizing Committee for ScalaUA Conference


Best regards,

Ruslan Shevchenko, Natali Makovska and Victor Svistunov