Alexander Merritt – ONNX-Scala: Typeful, Functional Deep Learning Model Inference (+)

  The talk opens by providing a sketch of machine learning and how it relates to functional programming. We subsequently introduce ONNX and motivate the use of an interchange format and a dedicated serving/prediction layer for production. Next we cover ONNX-Scala’s design goals and features, discussing backends, the generated fine-grained API, and model code generation. Along the way we compare …

Stéphane Tankoua – Polymorphism: “This is not even my final form”

  Polymorphism is a usual feature for most developers, but only a few forms are well known, even in the Scala community. In this talk, we will explore various forms (classic ones and exotic ones like rankN) and related concepts. Do you want to deepen your understanding of it? This talk is for you.

Oleksandra Holubitska – Web Application with Scalatra, ZIO and Slick

  ZIO is a young and fast-improving asynchronous, concurrent Scala library. Scalatra is older, but nice web micro-framework. I will show how to make them work together with Slick. It gets very interesting to integrate old, but nice technologies with ZIO. The application is a web form of Cakes List. User can read, update, and delete cakes from Slick. The …

Jakub Kozłowski – Irresistible party tricks with cats-tagless

  Are you writing an effect-polymorphic code? Want to ease some of the pains involved? Say no more: this is the talk for you. Meet cats-tagless: a library full of goodness that helps F[_] fans achieve goals faster and with less code. We will go through the most interesting type classes in cats-tagless, as well as ways to derive their …

Vitalii Honta – Scala 3 in action

  New and shiny Scala 3 is coming soon. The question is – how will your daily code and libraries look like? I’ll try to answer it! Let’s compare an existing library rewritten with Scala 3 and look at how much better it has become. We’ll discuss all the pros and cons for libraries maintainers and their users (memes included)

Vincent de Haan – Write a compiler plugin and enhance GDPR compliance

  In this talk I show how one can write a complete plugin for the Scala compiler in 45 minutes, explaining the compiler phases and abstract syntax tree analysis. As a case study, we use a plugin to enhance GDPR (privacy regulation of the European Union) compliance. I will show that the compiler internals are accessible to anyone.

Tomasz Godzik – Metals LSP Server – growing the community

  During the last year, Metals has made immense progress in terms of the number of features available, which caused it to become a fully-fledged IDE itself. We want to show that it can be a perfect example of what Scala tooling can achieve, especially when it comes to accessibility for beginners and veterans alike.