April 7-8, 2017


Andrea Peruffo

Tech Lead and Troublemaker, Senior Software Developer at Nokia, Portugal

Andrea is a Developer at any level with 6+ years of expertise, from electronic boards firmware and Siemens PLCs up to full stack web application and databases with cutting edge technologies, has an impressive competence in software systems integration of any kind.

Don’t call me frontend framework! A quick ride on Akka.Js


Juantomás García Molina

Data Solutions Manager at OpenSistemas, Spain

Juantomás Garcia is a Google Developer Expert is a kind of honorific membership that “recognize” his expertise and community work.

Kappa Architecture


Eugene Burmako

Devtools engineer at Twitter, the USA

Eugene is a member of the Scala programming language committee, founder of Scala Macros and Scala Meta. He designed and implemented reflection and macros for Scala together with Martin Odersky, enabling a number of new patterns used in popular community libraries.

ScalaMeta semantics API


Karl Brodowsky

Senior Consultant, Software Architect, Owner, CEO at IT Sky Consulting GmbH, Switzerland

Karl has been engaged as an external consultant to many IT projects. He has proven to be a very knowledgeable person in IT with many years of strong experience in software development.

Some thoughts about immutability, exemplified by sorting large amounts of data


Shimi Bandiel

CTO at Trainologic, Israel

Shimi is a Scala/Java expert with broad experience in consulting and training. Specialties: Functional Programming, Scala, Java, Haskell, Big Data, Performance, Low Latency, Design, Consulting & Training

Mastering Optics in Scala with Monocle


András Papp

Tech Lead at Emarsys, Hungary

András as a Tech Lead at Emarsys is responsible for many Scala projects for 2 years now. He is enthusiastic about functional programming and also likes to spread the word about it.

Functional programming techniques in real world microservices


Slava Schmidt

Scala Consultant, Germany

Slava is a Developer with a programming experience over two decades, Chief Architect and Security Expert of several products. Currently working as a Scala coach helping new formed Scala teams to get on track easily and quickly. Developer of the open source Play-Swagger plugin.

Property-based testing with ScalaCheck


Marco Borst

Independent Software Developer at NMCB B.V., Netherlands

Marco works as an independent software developer with a strong focus on functional programming.  He likes providing historical context and alternative points of views.  An engineer by education, a programmer by interest, a pragmatic scientist from experience and a communicator by nature, Marco is inclined to share his crafts with others and positively thrilled when able to learn from others as well.

Saving the stack for fun and profit

Matthias Langer

Matthias Langer

Senior Software Developer at Irian Solutions GmbH, Austria

Matthias is an IT enthusiast with 10+ years of experience with JVM technologies and a special love for Scala and free software.

Scala Refactoring: The Good the Bad and the Ugly


Jakub Kozłowski

Scala Developer at Scalac, Poland

Jakub is a young hAkker who spends his days breaking code, running and lifting in the late evenings. In his free time, if he has any, Jakub explores his other interests, which include coffee, playing bass and watching outstanding TV series.

Fantastic Monads and where to find them


Arthur Kushka

Scala backend engineer at AutoScout24, Germany

Arthur is a passionate Developer that write freaky stuff on Scala for last three years. In love with pure functions and their composition. Working on streaming data processing and event sourced, CQRS services in AutoScout24.

Recursive schemas and fixed point data types


Dmitry Spodarets

Founder & CEO at FlyElephant, Ukraine

Dmitry is an expert in high performance computing and data analysis, lecturer and researcher in Odessa National Polytechnic University and also leads an educational project GeeksLab.

Hacktime: Environment for training models in Scala


Krzysztof Romanowski

Senior Scala Programmer at VirtusLab, Poland

Krzysztof is responsible for creating platform for efficient Scala development for really big Scala project. He has spent endless hours debugging Scala IDE, SBT, IntelliJ or even Scala compiler itself. Author of expression evaluator engine for Scala IDE and zinc contributor.

50 shades of Scala Compiler


Krzysztof Borowski

Scala Developer at VirtusLab, Poland

Krzysztof is a co-author of unicorn library, working on various projects on behalf of VirtusLab company, mostly related to Lightbend software stack (Akka / Scala / Play) – large-scale, highly available systems serving millions of clients.

Slick 3.x with a little bit of magic


Michał Tomański

Scala developer at VirtusLab, Poland

Michał is building a modern, top-notch microservices-based application using Scala and Akka.

Implementing CQRS with Akka


Noam Almog

Tech Lead and Troublemaker, Mobile Solutions at Wix.com, Israel

Noam built from scratch Wix Touch and Wix News Feed, built and designed REST API’s for Wix Third party apps, including synchronous and asynchronous api’s (using ActiveMQ)

Clean Tests – how to apply clean code principles on your tests


Alexander Nemish

Scala Trainer / Consultant / Evangelist, Ukraine

Alexander runs brain-training Scala courses about Scala basics, OOP, FP, pattern matching, type classes, monads, lens, and other concepts.

1. ScalaMeta and the Future of Scala
2. Macros in real world and Things Besides Scala


Luka Jacobowitz

Software Consultant at codecentric AG, Germany

Luka is a Software Consultant focused on functional and reactive programming. He is the author of the reactive UI library https://outwatch.github.io

Reactive Programming in the Browser with Scala.js and Rx


Alon Muchnick

Software Developer at Wix.com, Israel

Alon is a Software Engineer with background in networking security and Unix systems. For the last two years he has been working for Wix.com, developing Wix Stores, a robust microservices-based eCommerce platform, using Scala stack and CQRS with event sourcing.

Building DSLs with Scala – DSLs are everywhere


Yurii Ostapchuk

Scala Developer at Crossroad Labs, Ukraine

Yurii has 3+ years of commercial Scala Development experience, interested in real-world functional programming and distributed systems. He is passionate about code quality and type-safety – striving to become a type astronaut.

Demystifying type-class derivation in Shapeless


Paul Lysak

Scala Developer, freelancer, Ukraine

Paul is a freelance Scala Developer. Of the wide range of used technologies Spark plays a central role in his current activities.

Spark for noobs


Anatolii Kmetiuk

Functional Programming Consultant, Ukraine

Anatolii specializes on pure functional architectures, DSLs, programming languages’ compilers, concurrent and reactive software. His interests include natural language processing, deep learning and linguistics.

Rewriting Engine for Process Algebra


Ruslan Shevchenko

Scala Consultant, Ukraine

Ruslan worked as reseacher in Institue of Software Systems, then was founder of Internet Provider [NBI], founder of software development firm [GradSoft], than works in various projects in telecom and advertising industry. Founder of .UA scala user group, has over 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals, active columnist for the Ukrainian developers community portal.

1. Flawors of streaming
2. Kryo Serialization Macros and Things Besides Scala (in pair with Alexander Nemish)


Anton Kulaga

Bioinformatician at Computational Biology of Aging Group, Romania

Anton is actively using Scala and Spark for Bioinformatics.

GERONTOMICS: how Scala & Spark help to cure aging and cancer


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