ScalaUA-2020 Abstracts

Bartosz Milewski & Oli Makhasoeva – Recursion Schemes, Categorically!
  Recursion schemes are an example of the direct application of category theory to programming. Category theory uses diagrams to define functors, algebras, and universal constructions. Wondering about how to make connections between the most abstract branch of mathematics and everyday programming? Bartosz will explain to you the theory of abstract diagrams and Oli will translate them into the working Scala code.
Chris Kipp – Scala development with Vim in 2020
  With the popularity of LSP and the growing adoption of Metals, let’s take a look at what modern development in Vim for Scala looks like in 2020. Impress your colleagues when you are able to navigate, debug, and refactor your Scala code without leaving the terminal!
Daan van Berkel – Fractan; deconstructing an esoteric programming language
  Fractan is a peculiar programming language invented by John H. Conway, of Game of Life fame. It revolves around the concept of sequences of fractions and is Turing-Complete. But how does it work? In this talk, we will take a deeper look into this esoteric programming language, discuss how it works and what makes it tick. You will walk away with a firm knowledge of Fractan and fresh ideas on how to integrate domain-specific languages into your project.
Dennis van der Bij – Lithium: an open-source split-brain resolver for Akka-Cluster
  When some nodes become unreachable in your Akka-Cluster no nodes can take over their work or even leave the cluster anymore. To bring it back to a fully working state the unreachable nodes must be downed. However, if done incorrectly it could lead to data corruption, a split-brain, and a headache fixing it. In this talk, the open-source split-brain resolver called Lithium will be introduced. I will explain why unreachable nodes affect the cluster, the risks of downing nodes, and how Lithium recovers the cluster so it can proceed with all its duties.
Devidatta Mohapatra – Application of Monix and Cats tools