ScalaUA-2018 Abstracts

«The Invisible Made Visible With ScalaCheck», Anastasiia Pushkina
“Property-Based Testing”, ever heard of it? I’m sure you have. ScalaCheck - is a simple, but powerful tool for automatic test data generation. In this talk I will share my experience in getting familiar with it, and making a big difference with little effort in production systems. This topic will be useful for people who didn't have a chance to try ScalaCheck before.

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«From Scala to Assembly – a view of Scala’s ByteCode», Alon Muchnick
We all know and love our Traits, Objects, Lazy definitions and other goodies Scala gives us, but how are they really implemented under the hood ? Understanding what's going on underneath the covers of your code can be very beneficial and can lead to insights that may affect the way you write code. In this session we will take a deep look into the JVM to show how Scala does its magic by examining the bytecode that is being generated. We will also see how debug symbols can help IDEs debug our code and an easy and friendly way.

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«Akka: Actors Design And Communication Techniques», Alexey Zvolinskiy
Akka is a powerful toolkit with numerous modules. However everything in Akka starts from understanding of Actors model. In this talk I want to discuss some practical techniques for Actors design, messaging patterns and organization of Actors hierarchy. This topic should be interesting for beginners and more or less experienced Akka fans 🙂

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