ScalaUA-2018 Abstracts

«Trembita library (Lightning Talk)», Vitalii Honta
Project Trembita is a library in active development. Modules and functions are designed due to experience of our company and our needs. There are a lot of boilerplate in production code that Trembita could eliminate. It have been started as lazy collections running sequentially, in parallel and on top of actor model. I see a big potential in this project so that we will use it in our production code.

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«User Behavior Analytics for Cyber Security and Its Implementation In Scala», Derek Lin & Leonid Kladko
More than a promise, User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is here and now in identifying malicious activities in enterprise networks. We walk you through a UBA system grounded on data science and enabled by an architecture implemented in Scala and open source technologies. In particular, we introduce one machine learning use case for abnormal behavior detection and do a deep dive on its Apache-Spark based implementation.

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«Visualising IoT devices with Akka and Grafana», Willem Jan Glerum
Nowadays everything becomes smart at home, smart lights, smart thermostats, smart washing machines and even a smart coffee machine! Every device has its own manufacturer, protocol and API. To get a central monitoring dashboard, we will use Akka to collect different measurements and store them in InfluxDB to be visualised with Grafana. During this talk we will show you how easy you can add a new actor for a new device or protocol.

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