Mike Kotsur – Prototyping the future with Functional Scala


Very recently I became an independent contractor so that I could help companies build great applications using Scala. My first client, a medium-sized company, which develops SAAS products for universities and research organizations, asked me to help the team to develop a kick-ass prototype within a very limited period of time. In this talk I will explain how the team came to the conclusion that Scala is a good solution for the job of building a worker for preparing, executing and retiring Docker containers and how FP and the combo of Cats Effect, FS2 and RabbitMQ helped me, who didn’t use those libs in production before, to go in a fast-forward mode without compromising quality.
In this talk I’ll show some code examples, explain used functional data types and patterns, and we will try to conclude if functional Scala is a good choice for prototyping the future.

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