Juliano Alves – Manipulating Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs) to generate safe SQL Queries with Quill


Quill is a Language Integrated Queries for Scala, which transforms collection-like code into SQL queries in compile-time, without any special mapping, using regular case classes and functions.
In order to transform regular Scala code into queries, Quill uses a mechanism called quotation. With this mechanism, instead of executing code immediately, the code becomes a parse tree that is transformed into an internal Abstract Syntax Tree, or AST. Quill reads the internal AST information, normalizes it, and transforms it into the SQL statement.
In this session, you will learn how Quill uses the compiler to generate safer SQL code. You will hear about how the compiler works, how to generate ASTs, how to manipulate and parse them, how to make inferences and even perform code optimizations.

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