Marcin Rzeźnicki — Using monads to enforce programming style your Boss likes (45 minutes)

It all started with my boss coming to me — «I don’t like EitherT», he said. «All right, you should be using MonadError anyway» — I replied. «Oh, I don’t like that even more». So I decided to help him out and everything went south. I ended up wrestling `Free` and `Cofree`, fighting stack overflows, benchmarking trampolines with flame graphs and, finally, rolled up my own monad which I call `Sealed`. I promise I’ll put a GitHub link, but for now I am not really proud of it. My boss and my company love it, though. So I thought I could share with you how to use monads to make your boss happy.
Topics I’ll cover:
— monadic error handling and flow control
— explore design and implementation of various existing monads in Scala,
— learn how to design a lawful monad from scratch and test it,
— how to deal with various issues that arise in the process: stack safety, performance implications,
— benchmarking with JMH and flame graphs


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