Anatolii Kmetiuk – Theory of Constraints in Programming: Beyond Problem-Solving

It’s talk not directly related to Scala, but about intention for problem solving. Theory of Constraints, coined by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, comes from the business world and explains how to debug complex systems with interdependencies and exploit them to their utmost capacity. Programming challenges constitute complex systems too. In the Scala community, there is a lot of attention lately to purely functional style, Monads, Cats etc etc – but without treating these concepts as a part of a larger, interconnected system (starting from the programmer’s mind and potentially expandable to the scales of the entire world), it is possible to deteriorate the entire system. In this talk, I am going to explain what motivated me to discover and incorporate the Theory of Constraints in my programming style, how we naturally go from problem-solving to problem-definition this way, and why purely functional style is not a silver bullet


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