«Open Bank Project: Open source, open data, global banks, Scala and transparency. How did that happen? (Lightning Talk)», Simon Redfern

When Open Bank Project was first pitched to a Berlin tech conference in Feb 2010, people liked the idea of easier programmatic access to bank accounts and greater financial transparency – but they questioned what regulators would think. Now, with PSD2 regulation coming into force, Open Banking is starting to become a reality in Europe and beyond. In this talk, I’ll describe how a bootstrapped Berlin based startup used Open Source, Scala, singing banks, synthesisers and hackathons to become a supplier to some of the largest banks around the world and influence government policy. I’ll demonstrate the Scala / Lift Web based Open Bank Project APIs, API Explorer and other components and touch on how we use Kafka and Akka to connect to core banking systems. (30 – 45 mins)

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