«Freestyle, Free & Tagless: Separation of Concerns on Steroids», Michał Płachta

You will learn how to cut your applications into isolated, independent pieces using Freestyle library with free monads or tagless final style. The session is based on a multiplayer, purely functional version of Prisoner’s Dillema.
Our applications frequently consist of business logic, communication, persistence, caches & logging. We always want to keep them apart and reason about each of them individually. However, this is very difficult to achieve in practice.
Enter free monad. It lets us decouple those concerns by dividing our program into algebras and interpreters. I will show you an application built on top of free monad in Scala & Cats. You will learn how to create pure & declarative DSLs, side-effecting interpreters and how to use them together. Then I will introduce Freestyle library and show how it makes the code more concise. At the end I will compare the free monad approach to another technique used to decouple concerns: final tagless.


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