«Evolution of ads management platform architecture from Akka Cluster to Akka Streams Kafka», Andrew Lashchenko

During this presentation, we will carefully examine the evolution of the ads management platform’s architecture that has been an existing process for over 3 years.
The original intent was to generate recommendations based on analysis of reporting data that was obtained from various programmatic advertising platforms. Thus, the system was created exclusively for the internal use by a team of campaign managers.
This project turned into a complete platform with full capabilities to create and manage advertising campaigns across premium digital destinations and target over 25 premium native, social and content discovery channels.
This presentation will outline how ads management platform’s architecture has changed over time, why the original decision was to use the Akka Cluster, numerous issues and challenges encountered during this project with their respective solutions and transition from the batches to streaming processing that utilizes Akka Streams Kafka.

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